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Health Care FSA Eligible Expenses



A Health Care FSA can cover a wide variety of expenses.

We've assembled a brief list of common expenses that are eligible for reimbursement; not all eligible items are on this list. Some expenses may be eligible if you meet certain criteria. Please review the FSA Enrollment Guide.

Eligible Expenses

If you or your spouse has a Health Savings Account (HSA), you are not eligible to enroll in the FSA.

Documentation Required Items and Special Information

Some expenses are ineligible without exception. If you cannot find your expense in the lists above, it may be ineligible.

Remember, it is your responsibility to find out if a service or product is eligible before you sign up for the benefit.


IRS regulations prohibit you from purchasing an unusually large amount of a particular over-the-counter drug. It would be reasonable if you purchased two or three of the same item, but anything over three items would be considered stockpiling and will not be reimbursed.





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